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A Foreword From Me

Web design is fairly complex‚ but from talking to people‚ web designers may be part of the problem. They may be great at their job‚ but if they are scatterbrained‚ hard to talk with or misinterpret your instructions‚ things can quickly become a nightmare. You want someone who you can talk to‚ who understands your needs. You want someone to create your website to your specifications and run it without hassling you. You want a quick response if things go wrong and to be consulted on important changes. I can be that person.

Nathan Young,
Web Designer/Developer, Company Director, Frostwork Media Ltd

My Services

Frostwork can run your entire web presence so that you don't have to. You are best at running your company, so why not spend your time doing that?

Web Design with a Person

I can design your website from scratch including text and images, even having photos taken of your premises. Throughout this process, I want to understand exactly what you want from your site. If you have an issue, call me up.

Content from start to finish

Whether it's text, image, blog posts or news articles, Frostwork can create web content that interests your customers and those searching for your business. You can provide as much or as little inspiration as you like and I'll do the rest.

Search and Adverising

I can help your website get found by improving your search engine rankings and running advertising. Having a website is great, but people need to see it.

Social Media

Frostwork can run your social media accounts so that people hear about your company. I'll talk to you about what you'd like to say and write content to match.

See My Work

Please look at some examples of my work. Click on the photos to be linked to the websites.

"He isn't just a web designer - he has developed an understanding of the business and provided a valuable input into the content on both the site and my brochures"

Simon Beer,
Managing Director, Bluesky Certification

Bluesky Certification is a door and window certification company. Their website had to be professional, simple to navigate and easy to find in relevant searches. The project included the graphic design some of their certification symbols.

"Nathan is easy to work with and delivers a great product."

Alex Young,

ADYVIS is a photography website; as such, it needed to look stylish with quick load times for all pages. I wrote the original text and the page owner then modified it to suit his tastes.

"Nathan ... provided us with an easy to use framework that we could fill with content and add the finishing touches to create an attractive and functional website."

Durham University Cycling Club

The Durham University Cycling Club wanted a functional website that could serve as their hub. The wordpress installation I created was easy to use and had space for modules, like one to track members' cycle routes.


Here are some of the services I offer, if you'd like any others, please get in contact and I will try to complete your task. My aim is to provide services which do what you'd expect e.g. a functional website. These are just summaries, and I can run through the exact details with you.

Standard Small Website

£400 setup
+ £70 per month

  • Personal website designer (me)
  • 1 year's hosting
  • Written content for all pages
  • Photography if requested
  • Perfect for individuals/small businesses
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Web Marketing

£175 per month

  • Personal marketing manager (me)
  • 2 social media accounts
  • 2 blog articles per month
  • Search Engine Optimisation for your website
  • Track your website's performance
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Other services


  • Larger websites
  • E-commerce
  • Online advertising
  • Additional content
  • Graphic design
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